Help Dick Help Families!

We are so pleased that Dick Baxter is joining the Thumbs Up Staff!


Dick will be our Director of Guest Follow Up. In this extremely important role, Dick will oversee the ongoing follow up with our guests who have cancer and their families. Our goal is to have supportive relationships with our guests before, during and after the retreat they attend.

Dick is a cancer survivor. This makes him uniquely qualified to care for our guests with cancer since he too has been on the same journey with his family. 

Dick is a veteran of the Young life Staff and has been a successful businessman. Throughout his entire adult life, Dick has given himself to ministry endeavors and served people God has put in his path. Dick has a M Div. from Emory University and a Graduate Certificate in Christian Spiritual Formation. He also has a Graduate Certificate in Christian Spiritual Direction and is a rich resource for our guests. 


Welcome aboard, Dick Baxter!