Volunteers are a vital part of Thumbs Up Mission. We rely on more than 200 Volunteers for each retreat. We are looking for positive, outgoing, and passionate people to join us. It is important that Volunteers are adaptable and accepting of lifestyles and situations different than their own as well as the unpredictability of Guest Family needs. 

  • Family Host

    • Our biggest volunteer need is for Family Host at each retreat. Family Hosts are guides for our Guest Families during retreats. They are asked to build relationships with 2-3 families per retreat. These individuals must have a relationship with Jesus. Volunteers must be willing to cover their own expenses. The cost is $350 per volunteer family.

  • Photographer

    • The retreat photographer is responsible for capturing memories of the weekend. In addition, the photographer will need to take family photos of every guest family.​

  • Videographer​​​

    • Our Guest Families love to see highlight films of their time at the retreat. We are looking for an individual or team who can capture the heart of a Thumbs Up retreat on film.​

  • Massage Therapist

    • We need 8 licensed massage therapists for each retreat. We are asking for donated services for our Guest Families from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm on the Sunday​ of the retreat.

  • Audio/Visual Support

    • Each retreat requires set up and operation of audio and visual support. We are looking for a team who is knowledgeable in setting up and running sound equipment in a ballroom setting.​

  • Event

    • Occasionally we need volunteers to staff events such as Alumni Day or Dressed to Kill Cancer.​ Our events can be community based for awareness or fundraising based. These often take place in Gainesville, GA.

  • Entertainer

    • Every retreat has an element of comedy and music. If the Lord has blessed you with these gifts, we can use your talent to bring Him glory.​